Dussmann forges ahead with growth in the process industry through regelmatic acquisition

published 02/13/2024

regelmatic GmbH has 140 employees and is a full-service provider in the electrical engineering and measurement and control technology sector • Dussmann Technical Solutions makes fourth acquisition within a year, expanding its position in the process industry segment • regelmatic is a perfect national addition to Dussmann’s Europe-wide activities

sitzend v.l. Dr. Tino Weber, Geschäftsführer Dussmann Technical Solutions; Karin Stulz; Bernhard Wagner, Geschäftsführer regelmatic GmbH; stehend v.l. Bernhard Stulz sowie Stephan Possekel, Geschäftsführer Dussmann Technical Solutions (Copyright Dussmann) | © Dussmann
sitzend v.l. Dr. Tino Weber, Geschäftsführer Dussmann Technical Solutions; Karin Stulz; Bernhard Wagner, Geschäftsführer regelmatic GmbH; stehend v.l. Bernhard Stulz sowie Stephan Possekel, Geschäftsführer Dussmann Technical Solutions (Copyright Dussmann) (Copyright Dussmann)

International service company Dussmann acquired all shares in industrial service company regelmatic GmbH, which specializes in electrical engineering and measurement and control technology, as of February 1. The company has about 140 employees and annual performance of some 20 million euros. It will continue to pursue its business model as part of the Dussmann Technical Solutions division.

The acquisition marks another step in Dussmann’s push for lasting expansion of its technological expertise and position as a technical partner to industry in both building complex systems and facilities and industrial service. This is a continuation of Dussmann’s expansion plans, an important part of the Dussmann Group’s next-level strategy that calls for both organic growth and targeted acquisitions. 

Dr. Tino Weber, Managing Director of Dussmann Technical Solutions, says: “regelmatic is the perfect national addition to our Europe-wide activities in this segment with the STS Group.” Beyond that, the acquisition also brings sophisticated new clients from the chemical and petrochemical sectors for Dussmann Technical Solutions. Like Dussmann, regelmatic is guided by the very highest standards of quality and safety; the most recent workplace accident occurred more than five years ago, for example.

regelmatic has specialized in planning, installation, and maintenance of electrical engineering and measurement and control technology equipment in the process industry for over 60 years. Areas of focus include service and repairs, inspections in the course of equipment and plant shutdowns, and retrofitting of production facilities and equipment during live processes. Among other things, the company handles the wiring of process control systems and installation of instrumentation, including testing and commissioning. In addition to the company’s headquarters in Hammersbach, in the German state of Hesse, and a sales office in Dorsten, employees are spread around in client locations such as Schwedt, Brunsbüttel, Gelsenkirchen, Ludwigshafen, Gersthofen, and Karlsruhe – all industrial hubs of the petroleum and chemical industries. Bernhard Wagner will continue as the Managing Director of regelmatic GmbH: “Pooling resources and expertise across the alliance of companies within Dussmann Technical Solutions will ensure that employees and clients of regelmatic GmbH have long-term prospects for the future and development going forward. Beyond that, regelmatic GmbH is a perfect addition to the industry and product spectrum of Dussmann Technical Solutions,” Wagner notes.

The regelmatic acquisition is the fourth of its kind at Dussmann Technical Solutions within a single year. A deal with Clausen Systemkühlung GmbH, a company in northern Germany that specializes in cooling, refrigeration, and air conditioning, was finalized just a few days ago. Back in March 2023, Dussmann Technical Solutions acquired Dussmann Industrial Automation, which is located in Essen and specializes in plant and systems control and process automation. The company also expanded on its automation expertise by acquiring a 25 percent stake in neogramm, which focuses on industrial digitalization, in the summer of 2023.

About Dussmann:

Dussmann provides solutions in the fields of integrated facility management, food services, and technical plant and systems engineering. It is the largest division of the Dussmann Group, an international family company that has nearly 66,000 employees in 21 countries, offering a full range of services having to do with people. We take care of people and the places where they live and work – to make their lives richer and easier. Dussmann Facility Management encompasses services and expertise spanning the full range of integrated facility management: building cleaning, security services, building technology, and mobility services. Dussmann Food Services encompasses dining concepts for children, employees, patients, and seniors. Dussmann Technical Solutions operates in the fields of electrical engineering, cooling, refrigeration and air conditioning technology, elevator technology, and process automation, offering industrial engineering and technical services.

About regelmatic GmbH:

regelmatic GmbH has about 140 employees and is a modern service provider with over 60 years of experience in the field of electrical engineering and measurement and control technology for production facilities and equipment in the process industry. Exemplary in occupational safety, reliable in quality and on-time performance, with a focus on client service and proximity through locations around the country, and highly flexible in order processing, regelmatic GmbH is appreciated by its clients as a dependable partner. Its longstanding client relationships are concentrated in the petrochemical and chemical sectors and are founded on reliability, transparency, and fairness.

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