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Integratable security solutions by Dussmann

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When it comes to safety and security, all the components involved have to work together perfectly. That’s why our security concepts are tailored specifically to your needs, offering you high levels of safety and security and dependable protection for your properties – whether those are public facilities, industrial buildings, or sports centers.

Added value through our services  

  • High-quality, dependable security technology
  • Security concepts planned and realized according to the current standards and guidelines published by Germany’s VdS and BHE
  • Professional advice

Dussmann: Our integrated solutions provide all-in-one safety and security

From advice and analysis to constructing and maintaining your technical security systems, you get a full range of services from a single source. That means you can rely on us for professional services for all your safety and security needs and enjoy peace of mind as you focus on your own core responsibilities. We also work with high-quality security systems that can be integrated optimally into your process chain and work together perfectly.

Our services in detail

  • We use reliable, yet affordable technology that is simple, flexible, and scalable across locations
  • Simple, secure access control for employees, representatives of external companies, and visitors
  • Customized, wireless electronic access solution
  • Simple scalability, from a single door up to multiple locations

  • We use extremely reliable and failsafe VdS-certified systems (which can be combined with other systems and equipment)
  • VdS-compliant monitoring of windows, doors, and roll-up gates and doors
  • Option to set rules for when no one is permitted to be present inside a building by connecting to our alarm receiving center according to various VdS guidelines
  • High levels of dependability ensured through two modes of transmission: IP/GSM and long-life battery (5 to 7 days)

  • Early detection of fires and hazard situations through fire monitoring system connected to our alarm receiving center
  • Prevention of significant subsequent damage and/or losses through early intervention
  • Intelligent prevention with heat imaging technology
  • VdS-approved system
  • High compatibility for further system interfaces and simple handling
  • Very low maintenance, ultra-long camera run times
  • Separate monitoring of various temperatures of your facilities, equipment, and warehouse space
  • Very low electricity consumption, under 10 watts per thermal camera
  • Usage options: recyclables industry, recycling sector, automated production, building safety, system and facilities monitoring, electric vehicles

  • Reliable, effective, robust protection through video monitoring system with fixed cameras and audio function
  • Connection allows for rapid intervention, and verification options are good thanks to high-resolution cameras and network recorders from leading manufacturers
  • Effective video surveillance technology with ultra-rugged bullet or dome cameras
  • Combined with perimeter technology (motion sensors, light barriers, fence detection, etc.)
  • Uninterruptible power supply to guard against brief power failures and surges in the electrical grid

  • Simple installation, easy dismantling of mobile video towers, which offer greater reliability and lower costs than conventional mobile solutions
  • Dependable protection, especially for areas subject to time limits, such as parking spaces – for example, for the automotive industry, road and highway construction sites, or renovation work on your properties
  • Superior flexibility – DS Guard ONE Mobile: Each video tower is a standalone unit. If the space to be monitored changes, the towers are simply repositioned by prior arrangement.
  • End-to-end security according to VdS standards – DS Guard Connected: All video towers are connected to each other via fiber optic cable or directional radio and are operated as a single system. In addition, an LTE connection links them with high availability to our ARC, offering you superior protection against burglary and vandalism.

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Do you need mobile video surveillance that you can rely on around the clock - in any weather and in all lighting conditions? Dussmann's Security Guard concepts offer you effective mobile security under all these conditions. 

Member of BHE and VdSOne partner for everything – so you can rest easy knowing you are safe and secure in any emergency.

We are your dependable partner when it comes to security technology. We support our customers for years and know their security systems and equipment down to the slightest detail. Your security technology will always be aligned to the current statutory requirements.

Security service by Dussmann  

We take a holistic view of safety and security

With Dussmann, you can always rest easy knowing you are safe and secure. We offer a wealth of different security services, from personnel to technology, which we work with our customers to craft into customized personal solutions – from end-to-end documentation to services individually adjusted to your needs.