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Garden and exterior facilities care

We take care of every inch of your space

As part of our holistic facility management services, we are happy to work on your properties’ exterior areas as well. The goal here is to make a good first impression, but that’s not all. There are also issues of safety and sustainability to consider.

Whether what you need is care for your garden and exterior facilities or winter services, we provide fully integrated services that take care of every inch of your space.

Our services in the area of garden and exterior facility care and winter services: an overview

  • Care for your interior plants
  • Care and maintenance of green roofs
  • Garden care, both lawns and beds
  • Tree, shrub, and hedge care
  • Tree checks in the digital tree registry
  • GIS data collection on your space for sustainable open space management
  • Playground checks
  • Use of ecofriendly grit in winter services
  • Digital documentation
  • Quality checks using the FLL image quality catalog
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Dependable. Effective. Individual. In both garden and exterior facility care and winter services

We want your business to operate with as few disruptions as possible. That’s why when we plan our work, we also consider workflows at your properties. In this way, our individual care plans ensure effective assignment of all employees and low disruption for your business.

We also use a versatile range of machines and tools. From leaf blowers to multipurpose vehicles for winter services and robotic mowing solutions, we use exactly the right tools for the job. And that in turn helps us not only achieve high service quality tailored individually to your needs, but also stay cost-effective.

But that’s not all! We focus on sustainability in our work and are also increasingly shifting to cordless equipment and tools. That means you won’t be disturbed by unnecessarily loud engine noise.

Our services in detail

  • Garden and park care
  • Cleaning of paved paths and plazas
  • Digital open space management for accurate, convenient management
  • Disposal
  • Winter services
  • Pruning services
  • Care of rotating seasonal beds and potted plants
  • Watering
  • Fertilization
  • Biological plant protection
  • Playground maintenance

  • Fighting weeds is generally labor-intensive, costly, and time-consuming, and in many cases the plants are only removed superficially. We use the hot foam method, which is both sustainable and efficient. Effective on weeds, algae, and mosses on surfaces of all kinds and sizes
  • Destroys weeds down to the roots so they can no longer propagate
  • Hot foam can be used in a variety of applications, including on paved surfaces and gravel roads and paths and in uneven areas

  • Achieve legal certainty by documenting checks and inspections
  • Sustainable development of tree stock
  • Management of care work
  • Transparency and communication
  • Cost control
  • Lower maintenance costs

  • There is an obligation to check the safety of trees that could pose a danger to people or property based on their location
  • Tree owners, lessees, or companies that operate the premises are under this obligation
  • The exact scope is geared toward the public’s legitimate expectations of safety
  • These trees are those located in facilities or on plots of land accessible to the public. Examples: public streets, roads, paths, plazas and forest edges, residential developments, playground and sports facilities, garden and park facilities and recreational areas, cemeteries, day care centers, schools

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Certified garden careDIN 18919 and the guidelines and additional technical terms of contract of the FLL

DIN 18191 guarantees the professional quality of our services. It applies to development and maintenance care for garden and vegetation areas secured through biological engineering pursuant to DIN 18918.

Generally accepted state of the artFLL guidelines and additional technical terms of contract

The additional technical terms of contract and guidelines for tree care published by the FLL are equivalent in nature and rank to the additional technical terms of contract within the meaning of Sec. 1 (2) No. 4 of the German Construction Contract Procedures (VOB/B). These are geared toward the structure of the General Technical Terms of Contract for Building Work (ATV) and include contractual provisions.

Dussmann Facility Management

A full range of building services – individual and tailored to fit your needs

With Dussmann, you’re always in good hands – when it comes to caring for your garden and exterior facilities and beyond. We offer a wealth of different facility management services, which we work with our customers to craft into customized personal solutions – from building cleaning to setting up a charging infrastructure for electric vehicle fleets.