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Electrical engineering by Dussmann Technical Solutions  

So that your technical systems fit and run reliably

In partnership with our subsidiary STS Group, we support our customers in the field of electrical engineering. We can assist you at every stage, from planning to installation and commissioning of your systems and equipment and instrumentation. We operate in Europe and the Middle East.  

Our services: an overview  

  • Engineering of electrical systems and equipment
  • Maintenance
  • Service

Electrical systems and equipment engineering by Dussmann – efficient and tailored to fit

We support our customers’ projects during every phase of the lifecycle, from the initial concept through to completion. We also assist with maintenance, using the latest software systems and tools. We draw on our international expertise to craft proposals aligned with the value engineering concept, allowing you to tap into greater purchasing power and certainty around costs thanks to our technical experts, who ensure that work is completed on time and on budget.

Innovative. Flexible. Experienced.When it comes to electrical engineering, STS has a lot to offer.

The STS Group, founded in 2006 and headquartered in Waterford, Ireland, is a full-service provider of electrical engineering and control technology, impressing customers with decades of experience with international projects, combined with targeted flexibility and innovation. This benefits you as our customer, since it allows us to combine quality and cost-effectiveness as we execute large and complex projects for pharmaceutical and chemical companies, data centers, energy suppliers, and utility companies on time. 

Our flexible and experienced people are at the heart of everything we do. Some of them have as much as 40 years of experience with major projects all over the world. They are what makes STS a goal-oriented business – with leading technology and a track record of success in delivering complex projects to the very highest standards, on time, to specifications, and on budget. 

Our services in detail

  • Optimization with an eye to quality, along with on-time planning and execution
  • Successful projects through effective planning, assignment of the right teams, and the very highest standards for occupational safety and health management, environmental management, and quality management
  • Flexible approach to project handling. This ensures that we can respond to changes and that possible cost and schedule overruns are identified early on so effective corrective action can be taken

  • Support for customers through technologically mature solutions aligned to real-world practice
  • Creation of full developed, high-quality designs that offer certainty regarding the costs of your projects

  • We perform installations of various sizes, from small general services through to complex projects valued in the millions
  • Delivery of turnkey design and installation projects
  • Experienced teams that fulfill and monitor all occupational safety and health requirements at all times

  • Active support for commissioning processes, through to ongoing operation
  • Highly experienced team with the right equipment and systems and a proven track record of success in commissioning industrial systems and equipment
  • Plant and systems commissioning across all the phases needed to transition your systems from construction to operation

  • Development and delivery of supply chain strategies for your project that achieve the best results available on the market
  • Procurement and contract advising services geared toward supporting your project from start to finish
  • Strategic insights, peace of mind, and international best practices to manage the entire project process and minimize risks
  • Use of centralized purchasing by Technical Solutions to benefit customers

  • Service and repairs are key elements of our full range of services
  • We ensure that customer facilities and equipment are operated and function according to the very highest industrial standards by maintaining key mechanical and electrical systems on-site

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