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Our subsidiary HEBO Aufzugstechnik GmbH bolsters our technical expertise in the field of elevator technology, which we offer to our customers while creating value within our organization.  That is true whether the job involves building a new elevator or providing comprehensive service for an existing one.

Our services: an overview 

  • Elevator construction
  • Modernization
  • Service

Dussmann elevator systems and services – anything but standard

From elevator construction to maintenance of your elevator systems – in everything we do, we offer optimum value for money, superior quality, and full service. We also work with you to craft customized solutions. For example, our partner HEBO Aufzugstechnik GmbH is the only German producer of custom inclined elevators.

Our services in detail

Elevator construction

  • You can rely on our materials and passenger elevators to highlight the look of your architecture and ensure that your users feel comfortable and safe.
  • Whether elevators from our own HEBO manufacture in Hallenberg or system elevators from our partner, Orona Group - we draw from a large performance portfolio.
  • For quiet, smooth operation, we rely exclusively on high-quality technology in the area of the drive and control in traction elevators and hydraulic elevators alike.
  • The operating speed of your passenger elevator is aligned to your needs, especially at peak times.
  • Advanced door controls ensure short wait times and keep people safe when getting on and off.
  • In all our components, we focus on long useful life and high energy efficiency. This keeps service and maintenance costs low.

  • Our freight elevators can easily transport loads weighing of  50 tons, all depending on your needs.
  • A special locking mechanism keeps the freight elevator floor absolutely flush with the floor outside. This system keeps the elevator from dipping or jerking upward when a forklift enters or exits, for example.
  • Freight elevators can be installed inside a masonry, concrete, or steel frame shaft.Whether what you need is an explosion-protected elevator system, a car elevator, industrial elevator, or underground elevator, we can design and build just the right freight elevator for you.
  • Overview of your benefits: Sturdy workmanship and long service life, high precision for even the most challenging transportation tasks, special locking mechanism for secure hold, any cabin size desired, installation in a masonry, concrete, or steel frame shaft, low shaft heads possible, extensive range of accessories

  • We are guided entirely by your needs when designing and producing dumbwaiters, whether what you need to move is files or laundry.
  • We use exclusively high-quality components. That makes your dumbwaiter a reliable helper, low in wear and durable.
  • Overview of your benefits: Full flexibility in adjusting to any building setting, retrofit in existing buildings possible with no problem, special sizes as desired, simple operation, convenient loading, quiet operation


  • We replace outdated control technology with advanced high-performance components – and we do it quickly, and for a reasonable price.
  • Replacing the drive in your elevator at the same time is a good idea, as modernizing the drive and controls together can often significantly reduce operating costs. The result is a reliable, safe and secure, and cost-effective elevator.
  • Whether or not we built your elevator, our specialists can renovate or rehabilitate your system quickly and carefully, handle the ZÜS acceptance process for you, and keep downtime to a minimum.

  • Modernizing your door systems and cabins gives your elevator a fresher, more appealing look, but that's not all. It also enhances the safety of your entire elevator system and extends its useful life.
  • Modernizing your elevator cabins helps to keep your passengers feeling comfortable and secure.
  • We offer all of the materials needed for contemporary, stylish interior design of your elevator. We are guided entirely by your wishes, up to and including optimizing the control elements inside and out.
  • We use exclusively high-quality components and sturdy safety-related parts.

  • Fitting in accordance with the requirements of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health


  • Individual: We check your system, prepare an individual maintenance offer and you decide.
  • We agree on flat rates for your elevator maintenance.
  • Transparent: We use standardized checklists for our work and document exactly what we have done.
  • Reliable: Our specialists have outstanding training and work in line with the DIN EN 13015 standard.
  • Reasonably priced: We show initiative and are proactive in our approach, which helps prevent downtime.

  • We are here for emergencies 24 hours a day, guaranteeing the utmost in dependability through advanced technology and well-trained employees.
  • We can help you prepare an emergency plan for your elevator as required by law. This benefits you as the operator in ensuring that you meet all of the requirements of the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung).
  • As of 2020, every passenger elevator is required to be equipped with a two-way communication system. We offer an emergency call system that meets all of your legal obligations.
  • Required regular inspections of your elevator system – if needed, we can install a discreet key lockbox on the outside of your building so our specialists will have free access at any time. And the option to connect to Dussmann’s in-house alarm receiving center (ARC) gives you a full range of emergency services for your elevator.

  • A clean elevator shaft conveys a neat and tidy impression, as parts of the system can be seen even where shafts are closed in many cases.
  • A poorly cleaned elevator shaft is full of bacteria and fungi – our service helps reduce the associated disruption and downtime rates.
  • Minimize the risk of fires that can arise where dust, dirt, and lubricants meet.
  • Our team is trained according to the VDI 2168 standard. From glass to metal, concrete, or masonry, we have the appropriate knowledge and cleaning procedures and can tailor them to your elevator shaft.
  • Overview of your benefits: Flexible work scheduling, including at night and on weekends, possible reduction in your insurance premium or deductible in case of a claim, maintain the value of your elevator system, enhance functional and operational reliability, neat and tidy impression, improved sense of safety and security among users

  • With our service, you can rest assured that you are meeting all of the legal requirements established by the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV) and operating your elevator in line with the state of the art as described in the DIN EN 81 series.
  • Elevator assessment: We can check your elevator as part of a comprehensive safety analysis.
  • Risk assessment: We use the result of the safety analysis to draw up our risk assessment. It shows the discrepancies between your system and the current state of the art.
  • Preparing the concept: We can advise you on which measures need to be implemented and document when and how these measures are taken. As the final step, we put together a concept for aligning your elevator to the state of the art according to the requirements of the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung).

  • If your elevator is malfunctioning, it won’t take long for our experienced technical specialists to see what needs to be done.
  • From defective contacts to improper door control settings, we have a well-stocked warehouse of replacement parts for all producers, and our service vehicles carry the wearing parts that are most commonly needed.
  • As a matter of course, we are happy to repair your elevator even if we didn’t build it. Our experts know their way around all the various systems.
  • Your benefit: prevent downtime so your elevator is reliably available.

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