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K.E.D. Kälte- und Klimatechnik GmbH

Intelligent solutions for people and the environment

K.E.D. Kälte- und Klimatechnik GmbH is a company of Dussmann Technical Solutions. It offers individual and innovative solutions in the area of cooling and air conditioning technology. From planning to delivery and from assembly and installation to service and maintenance, we ensure that the entire process runs smoothly so you can focus on your business. Our range of services encompasses everything from full system solutions for commercial and industrial cooling, refrigeration, and air conditioning to systems for DDC (direct digital control) and remote data monitoring.

Comprehensive services in cooling and air conditioning technology

From planning and remote monitoring to service and maintenance of your cooling and air conditioning technology, we do it all.

Conserving energy, cutting costs – that’s our approach to air conditioning technology for commercial and home settings

With our experienced team of specialists, we offer you superior-quality services, the peace of mind of knowing you can count on the systems we provide to work reliably, and the desired comfort factor in air conditioning technology. And we design and implement all of it in line with your individual requirements. From industrial building complexes to private homes, we provide cooling and air conditioning tailored to you.

In everything we do, we make sure our staff are well trained. Our employees keep up with the latest in technology through regular continuing education.

Your challenges – our solutions

We utilize our expertise and cutting-edge technology to find the right solutions every time for a wide range of different industry-specific and customer-specific needs. Conserving energy, and thereby cutting costs, are paramount. That means it is important to weigh all of the aspects of investing in cooling and air conditioning technology in detail beforehand. But that’s not all. We develop and realize your project precisely according to your requirements, whether you are looking for industry-appropriate production of special cooling or refrigeration equipment or simply trying to ensure a comfortable climate in your offices.

You can count on us

After your individual cooling or air conditioning solution is installed, we are here for you through every stage of its lifecycle. Following delivery and installation by our in-house personnel, we are also happy to provide further services upon request. These services include service and maintenance, repairs, and modernization of existing equipment.

Regular service and maintenance ensures that you enjoy top availability from your cooling, refrigeration, and air conditioning equipment. We keep an extensive range of replacement parts in stock, so replacements are available fast if necessary. Repairs are performed quickly, minimizing equipment downtime.

We offer professional support for all of your projects. Our customers appreciate that.

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Dussmann Technical Solutions

K.E.D. Kälte- und Klimatechnik GmbH, an innovative provider of solutions in the field of cooling and air conditioning technology, is a part of Dussmann Technical Solutions – and that means you’re always professionally positioned. We offer a wide range of different services in technical building equipment and technical solutions, which we work with our customers to craft into customized personal solutions – from elevator construction to performing energy-related inspections of your HVAC systems.

Management of K.E.D. Kälte- und Klimatechnik GmbH

Ein sympathisches Foto von Nico Teege
Nico Teege

Managing Director

Ein sympathisches Foto von Michael Kraus, Geschäftsführer von K.E.D. Kälte- u. Klimatechnik
Michael Kraus

Managing Director

Ein sympathisches Foto von Christian Kraus, Geschäftsführer von K.E.D. Kälte- u. Klimatechnik
Christian Kraus

Managing Director

K.E.D. Kälte- und Klimatechnik GmbH
Ritzmais Gewerbepark 5
94253 Bischofsmais

+49 9920 18 060

The K.E.D. service number is activated for our customers around the clock, so that we are always available for you even in emergencies.


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Monday - Friday: 8.00 a.m. till 12.00 a.m.
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