Restaurant Ursprung at Dussmann: the setting for a seismic shift in eating habits

published 09/22/2022

Europe’s first PLANET!BASED restaurant, Ursprung, brings fine dining and planet-friendly eating to a broad audience and opens dialogue with Berlin

Plant-based food tastily served.

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Starting October 1, Europe’s first PLANET!BASED restaurant, right in the heart of Berlin, invites everyone to see, experience, and most of all, enjoy the food of the future. Restaurant Ursprung, located in the Dussmann building (Friedrichstr. 90, in Berlin’s Mitte district), and its team are a driving force behind the seismic shift taking place in people’s eating habits, opening up a dialogue with Berlin.

The PLANET!BASED Restaurant Ursprung takes a fine dining approach, focusing on fantastic flavor while also furthering climate action and human health. The menu spotlights forward-looking trends in dining, in keeping with the rules of the Planetary Health Diet and with a wealth of plant-based alternatives. And Ursprung is only the start. The same principles are set to be rolled out to the corporate catering field in stages.

“In our role as a large family company in Berlin, we view sustainability as a core value. That’s why, when we set out to open Ursprung, we wanted to craft a menu that fits with our vertical garden and exists in harmony with nature,” says Catherine von Fürstenberg-Dussmann, Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of the Dussmann Group. Christian Hamerle, Head of Food Service Innovation at Dussmann, explains: “We’re experiencing a seismic shift in people’s eating habits right now, as all of us realize that resources are limited. You just can’t leave the planet out of the equation anymore. Everything we serve up at Ursprung is good for both people and the planet,” Hamerle says. “Future food tech, the Planetary Health Diet, and fresh takes on traditional methods like fermentation are all prompting us to completely rethink our value chains these days, especially with more focus on sustainability than ever before,” adds Olga Graf, Head of Sustainability at the Food Service Innovation Lab.

“We serve up our vision of planet-friendly dining with treats and main courses of the future, letting our diners choose: normal, or like before?” Graf continues. Whichever version sells better will be on the menu the next month. “We think it’s important to get our diners involved, since after all, food is vital to everyone,” she notes. “Any other kind of dining culture might be simply inconceivable ten years down the line,” Hamerle adds.

The grand opening of Ursprung is planned for October 1, 2022. It will be one of
four restaurants to serve a menu during Berlin Food Night on October 10. This year will be the first time that Berlin Food Night, part of Berlin Food Week, focuses entirely on foods of the future.

Excerpt from Ursprung’s October menu:
Treats of the future
Arabian Nights Waffles (Perfeggt, spelt, hollandaise sauce, ras el hanout, eggplant, chickpea)
Future Hot Dog (Rebel Meat sausage, lecsó, fried onions, spirulina bun, sprouts, herbs)

Normal or like before
Normal: Fricassee 2.0
Like before: Prignitzer Landhof Chicken Fricassee
with carrots, parsley root, spring onions, mushrooms, mixed rice

Dish of the week
“Fresh from the Farm” (dishes crafted economically and for the common good, low price, meat free)
Future Borscht with seaweed, beets, and herbs
Farm Goulash with dumplings, carrot, celery, and bell pepper

Catherine’s Cakes according to recipes from Catherine von Fürstenberg-Dussmann

About the Food Service Innovation Lab by Dussmann

Dussmann and food service futurist Christian Hamerle launched their startup, the Food Service Innovation Lab, in Berlin in February 2021. Together, their aim is to rethink and redesign the future of catering. The Food Service Innovation Lab serves as a showcase for systems that will be used in day-to-day business operations.

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Dussmann provides solutions born of its passion for integrated facility management, food services, and technical plant and systems engineering. In our role as part of the international Dussmann Group, a family company, we combine entrepreneurial thinking and high-quality, innovative, reliable solutions while embracing our responsibility for customers, employees, the environment, and society at large. We take care of people and the places where they live and work – to make their lives richer and easier. Dussmann Food Services offers diverse and sustainable dining concepts for children, employees, patients, and seniors, all with warm hospitality.

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