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Thomas Moser from Dussmann Austria

31.03.2022 — In Austria, Dussmann Service looks after many well-known clients in company catering, including Kellner & Kunz. In the company canteen of the company, which specializes in the management of quality articles in the field of tools and fastening technology, the Kitchen Manager Thomas Moser ensures that everything runs smoothly. We spoke to the 49-year-old chef about tradition, passion and why cooking is a competitive sport.

Your career as a chef was practically handed down to you...

I was born into a "kitchen dynasty": My grandmother was a cook in a stately home, and my father was responsible for catering on a cruise ship and passed his passion on to me. I cooked my way through various 5-star hotels around the world - from Asia, to Germany, to tourist strongholds like Salzburg or Zürs am Arlberg.  

Mr. Moser, what makes a good chef?

I like to say "cooking is a competitive sport" if you do it at a certain level. The job has just as much to do with self-discipline and achieving clearly defined goals. Especially in the last few meters, you have to summon up all your strength once again in order to claim victory.  In addition, polite interaction with colleagues should never fall by the wayside. Of course, a sense of proper food handling and cleanliness is also a prerequisite for a successful cooking career.

How do you deal with individual needs and food preferences?

In the case of food intolerances, we serve suitable alternatives. We know the people and their eating habits - with my three female employees, I don't have to say much more. We are a well-coordinated team.  

What do you like about working in a company restaurant compared to your previous jobs?

I was welcomed back into the company with open arms, despite an accident and extended sick leave. I was given responsibility for a new area of work that corresponded to my changed circumstances. And I have to say: I have never had it so good! I can develop in my job and make decisions largely on my own.

If you were to compare yourself to a kitchen appliance, what would it be?

A Pacojet! Similar to this practical appliance, I strive for efficiency and palate pleasure. Pacojets are used in the hood kitchen to whip up ice cream, sorbets, or mousse in a flash. The Pacojet and I have something else in common: We want to delight our customers one hundred percent!

And last but not least: Do you also enjoy cooking in your private life?

Of course I do. I take turns with my wife. But I also like to cook for her, especially with our favorite dish, beef roulade with egg gnocchi.

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