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Brilliant Dream Team Erika Portik and Marko Trenkic

20.05.2022 — Dussmann is a multi-service provider for buildings and knows what is important in professional cleaning. In Austria, Dussmann Service was recently invited to a test cleaning at a Viennese school as part of a public tender. Without further ado, Dussmann presented itself on site with a team of cleaning specialists and machine operators. Their performance was not only rewarded with applause, flowers and chocolates, but also earned them the title of "Everyday Professional". We met the duo Erika Portik and Marko Trenkic for an interview and talked about teamwork and motivation - and why appreciation and gratitude are so important. 

Ms. Portik, what were your first thoughts when you were asked to carry out a test cleaning on behalf of the entire Dussmann team?  

Portik: I have been able to learn so much at Dussmann - now I had the opportunity to prove my ability and performance. I was physically and mentally well prepared, but then let everything come to me.  

How did you, Mr. Trenkic, fare during the test cleaning?  

Trenkic: The main thing was to achieve the best result in the short time available and thus to impress the client. So, our teamwork was put to the test, but we mastered it with flying colours! At the beginning, we briefly coordinated our work processes. I took over the mechanical floor cleaning and my colleague took care of the manual cleaning afterwards. We complemented each other perfectly!  

Portik: Exactly! I have to say that I was a bit nervous at the beginning, but it was a pleasant, stimulating feeling. As a positive person, I always face challenges actively - I know my strengths and know how to put them into practice.    

Were there any surprises during the cleaning?  

Portik: Yes, indeed! On the one hand, I was surprised by the many glass walls and glass doors. On the other hand, about ten people followed us wherever we went and watched our every move very closely. They also clapped several times when we did a particularly good job. That gave me a lot of strength and motivation. A very friendly, appreciative gesture, which I was very happy about. It made me feel a bit like a film star!   

What will remain in your memory?  

Trenkic: We were indeed received in a very friendly way by everyone involved - I will always remember that fondly. But this trial cleaning showed me once again that our job is about much more than just cleaning surfaces: a well-maintained environment creates the right atmosphere so that students and teachers alike feel comfortable every day and can perform at their best.  

Portik: I am very pleased that we were able to carry out our tasks very well despite the time pressure. It shows me that you can do anything if you want to. I am very happy to work in such a great, motivating team. And we would be happy to make ourselves available again for a test cleaning at any time.  

Dear Ms Portik, dear Mr Trenkic: Congratulations on your great performance and the interesting interview!  

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