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Giuseppe Rocchio Director of Operations at Steritalia Spa

19.04.2022 — We are passionate about hygienic cleanliness. Areas where sterility is a matter of life and death require the highest level. Our everyday professional, Giuseppe Rocchio, has been the Director of Operations at Steritalia Spa since 2017. The subsidiary, which is part of the Dussmann Service s.r.I. portfolio, is one of the leading providers of sterile instruments in Italy. Rocchio is responsible for the hospital supply and for the design, construction and management of sterilization centers. In our portrait, he tells us how Steritalia managed the start-up phase during the opening of a hospital in the middle of a lockdown.

Ein sympathisches Protrait von Giuseppe Rocchio
Giuseppe Rocchio Director ist Director of Operations bei Steritalia Spa

The pandemic changed so much for Giuseppe Rocchio from interaction with colleagues to daily work organization, which was thrown into complete disarray. There were logistical restrictions and a lack of protective equipment for example. Rocchio recalls, "It was a huge challenge to ensure consistently high levels of service quality, to balance production and productivity and to protect and motivate our employees."
The sharp decline in surgical treatment also affected financial results; hospitals were forced to prioritize covid departments and intensive care, postponing scheduled surgery. Through concerted effort, Steritalia managed to adapt the organization to the critical scenario. 
Even more importantly, employees felt responsible for reliable provision of indispensable service to surgeons.

Rocchio and his team had an additional project; a hospital in Rome, the San Filippo Neri. was scheduled to open in May 20, 2020. At that time, the country was in lockdown, and the pandemic was at its peak. All agreements with the client, the official provider, the workforce and the trade unions were in force. Preparations were made, consumables ordered and technical checks of machines and equipment carried out in advance by Steritalia. This enabled services to start on time. The project also included a complete renovation of the hospital's sterilization facility, which was carried out in record time of just one month from August to September 2020.

Giuseppe Rocchio is proud of these achievements: “The focus, commitment, and awareness of all stakeholders made it possible to set up the new sterilization center. The result is truly remarkable and a tangible sign that when public and private companies create synergies and work in partnership, they can achieve important, efficient, innovative results.”

Rocchio appreciates that Dussmann achieves its goals through strong values: “Dussmann is a leader in the FM market because it achieves its goals through strong values: organization, knowledge, flexibility, reliability and customer care.  I believe that those values qualify and motivate me to be a strong leader and drive innovation and operational excellence in our organization. This company makes me feel part of something big and important.”

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