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Ryan Wesley from STS Group

25.08.2021 — Roughly two years ago, STS became part of Dussmann Technical Solutions - and thus a family member of the Dussmann Group. Today we will introduce Wesley Ryan, Senior Electrical Engineer at STS.

Ein sympathisches Foto von Wesley Ryan, Senior Electrical Engineer bei der STS Group.


Wesley Ryan, what are your responsibilities as a Senior Electrical Engineer?

My activities change from day to day. I often coordinate between the client and STS personnel on the ground finding solutions to technical issues that are cost effective, efficient, and most of all, safe. Project management is also an inherent part of my job, liaising with site supervisors and site safety personnel. It’s fast paced, exciting and I really do enjoy it.  

Did you always want to pursue a career in engineering?

Not specifically, but I’m certainly glad I have ended up working as an engineer.

I started my career by qualifying as an electrician and later returned to university and was awarded degrees in both electrical engineering and in electrical power systems.

I then gained experience in the oil and gas industries in the UK but I had always intended on move back home to Ireland. When I did, I started work in the water supply industry as a senior electrical design engineer designing fully automated wastewater facilities. This was very enjoyable, but the lure of big builds and large-scale projects had always been with me since serving my time as an electrician and I feel very lucky to have obtained my current role with STS.

What makes STS a good employer?

STS is a young and progressive company and supports us in our continuous personal development.  I have always found management here at STS very supportive and that filters down through all the layers of the company. We really do all work together as a fully integrated team.

Tell us a little bit about your personal interests?

I’m not a big fan of the waste and the throwaway culture that we live in, so I enjoy upcycling and restoration, taking old and neglected things and returning them to their original glory. One of the biggest projects I have taken on is the restoration of my current home, a 300-year-old Nunnery that needed major love and attention. I have not only included modern comforts but also scoured salvage yards to find furniture and even sanitary wear that with some work has ended up fitting perfectly into my home.

Are you planning a summer vacation or are there other highlights in summer that you are looking forward to?

My parents have a holiday home by the sea in a place called Woodstown just outside Waterford City and not far from STS head offices. Given the challenging environment due to Covid-19 I think this will be as far we will be going. I will take my kids swimming and picking cockles, which is something that takes me back to my childhood: Sandy sandwiches and cockles for tea. I just hope this Irish weather improves so we don’t end up sitting at the beach with an umbrella and raincoat.

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