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Thomas Müller from Dussmann Service Germany

06.08.2021 — Just when you think you now know the whole wide Dussmann Group world, another service is added to the portfolio. Did you know that Dussmann constructs and maintains video surveillance towers for its clients? And not only that; we also take care of the associated data protection regulations.  

One person who is always up to date on security technology is Thomas Müller (37). He stays abreast of a field that is developing more rapidly than almost any other. He understands that the use of drones, robots and video surveillance systems is no longer a future vision because these are an integral part of his everyday work.    

Thomas Müller became interested in modern security technology during his time as head of security services at Dussmann Service, so it was only natural that in January 2021 he took on the role of project manager for security technology in the northeast region. Incidentally, it was the first position of its kind in the company. Since then, he has been advising clients in the region on the deployment of technical solutions for their facilities, and acts as a nationwide contact for mobile video surveillance using the video towers manufactured by Videoguard.    

He likes to recall one of his first projects, which involved video security of the broadcasting mast for a Berlin broadcasting station and surveillance of the entire facility with a fixed video system. He names the use of early fire detection systems at recycling centers as another good example of how technical aids can be put to good use: Thermal imaging cameras detect temperature increases very quickly and sound the alarm even before a fire starts, preventing serious accidents and damage. 

Of course, the question repeatedly arises as to whether technology will replace people at some point. Thomas Müller has a clear answer: "No! Technology can support security personnel in their work and protect them from dangerous situations, but it will never replace them. The security service is a ‘people business for people’, and it will remain that way. Artificial intelligence can’t replace feelings and emotions.” 

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