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Sabahudin Velijevic from Dussmann Service Austria

31.05.2021 — For 26 years now, the helpful, conscientious, cheerful veteran of specialist cleaning has been working at Dussmann Service Austria. Sabahudin Velijevic supervises his six-man cleaning team for clients in Vienna, checks the high quality standards prescribed by Dussmann and, of course, lends a hand himself. 

From carpet cleaning and window cleaning to deep cleaning, Sabahudin Velijevic ensures that everything runs smoothly and is well coordinated. Even after years of service at Dussmann Service, he is never bored because he takes his work seriously and keeps a watchful eye on all operations. Ultimately, he is the one who must answer for the results, as he is the client’s number one contact. 

His reputation precedes him - sincerity, discretion and collegial solidarity run like a thread through his working interactions. The team spirit is particularly important to him – maintaining respect and politeness in relationships, giving praise where praise is due and always doing the best job for the client. "Everyone pitches in and helps each other; this has always been a matter of course and has become especially important during the pandemic. It motivates us and keeps us motivated,” he says about his team, some of whom have been working with him for many years.  

After a hard day's work, the 50-year-old Bosnian likes to look back on the workday and admire the visible results. He is a family man and spends in his free time with his two daughters and grandchildren, joining them for walks in the park. Sabahudin Velijevic also likes to relax in the evening by watching television with his wife but he never stays up late; next morning, he is back at work at 6 p.m., full of energy. 

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