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Stefan Pooch from Dussmann Service Germany

04.02.2021 — Mowing lawns, trimming hedges and bushes, sawing trees: Stefan Pooch is passionate about his job - even though he originally trained as an automotive mechanic.

It’s one of those gray days that Hamburg is infamous for and there is not much more color in the park, where we meet Stefan Pooch; the lawn is untended, the paths are overgrown and many of the plant beds have dried out. But there is hope: Stefan Pooch is one of our all-rounders on the green/gray team and he carries hedge trimmers on his hip over his red Dussmann dungarees, much like a holster.   

The city surroundings are gray, green is the color of hope, but that’s not the reason for the team’s name; it is a reference to their service portfolio which consists of park and garden care (green) and technical tasks (gray).  

Stefan Pooch is 48 years young and is a trained vehicle mechanic. When he joined Dussmann Service three years ago, he first underwent an extensive training program. “It was super; I learned a lot and broadened my horizons” he recalls. Today, his team provides services to clients all across and around Hamburg.   

He is outdoors all day mowing lawns, trimming hedges and bushes, pruning trees. It’s not for everybody, but Stefan Pooch is passionate about his job: "At Dussmann I turned my hobby into my profession. I can be creative and I’m always on the move in the fresh air. I appreciate that the company invests in its personnel; I have already taken part in a wide variety of further training which helps me to achieve my goal and that is to deliver good work every day." No sooner said than done - he takes the hedge trimmers and tackles an unruly shrub.

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