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Inga Gulbicka from Dussmann Service Lithuania

14.12.2020 — Inga Gulbicka has been a member of the team at Dussmann Service Lithuania for more than 15 years. She talks about her career and her work routine, the corona situation in her country and her hopes. 

"I started in 2005 as a kitchen assistant. One year later I started training to become a cook. Since 2015 I have been working in a kitchen that caters to 900 people every day and I have now been promoted to the position of site manager. I know the complex inside out and can fill in for any colleague who is absent. When I start at 7 in the morning, the first thing I do is check that all my colleagues are present. I inspect all the equipment and machines to ensure that everything is clean. Then the team goes through the day’s plans together, addressing what is most important. 

At 4 pm, I make another inspection before handing over to those colleagues who remain on duty. We determine what needs to be cleaned and whether there is food to be frozen or defrosted and I remind them to call me if there are any issues.   

What I enjoy most is the atmosphere in the morning, when everything is clean and tidy and it is important for me to leave the workplace just as clean as I found it. 

Initially, the corona pandemic led to a reduction in the number of employees; usually, 30 people work on site, nine of them in the restaurant, all of whom had no work when we closed. I had to retrain them and there were some shortages of protective clothing and disinfectant, but these have been resolved in the meantime. We talked to our customers much more often during this time, and experienced many new situations. I hope that we will soon return to the old work routine and I look forward to fewer restrictions. I also hope that people will have learned to better appreciate what they have. The situation could deteriorate at any time and the things that we take for granted each day can quickly disappear."

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