Entrance area with counter in the Flavour Network

Flavour Network by Dussmann

Hybrid food service concept for the future

Eating habits are changing, people are increasingly working from places other than the office, and sustainability is becoming more and more important. The food service industry, and especially corporate dining, is experiencing deep-seated change. Dussmann is responding with Flavour Network as its hybrid food service concept of the future. Flavour Network is conceptualized as a gastronomic co-working space with culinary offerings designed to accommodate the changing needs and eating habits of our guests with local, innovative, and sustainable solutions. It is also based on various innovation partnerships with regional service providers and partner producers and with food start-up InFarm and sustainability pioneers such as Vytal and Too Good To Go.

Gastronomy & co-working space concept

Flavour Network is a gastronomic co-working space that can be used all day long, with a design and configuration that allow for choices according to individual communication needs. Among other things, there are single seats for focused work, cozy seating niches with a coffee house atmosphere, and long ten-person tables for informative dialogue over lunch or during a meeting. Alongside advanced and welcoming amenities, free Wi-Fi, power outlets with integrated USB interfaces, and a discreet, individually controllable sound system ensure an ideal working atmosphere.

Focusing on sustainability

Vytal reusable tableware in the Flavour Network

Reusable packaging
Guests can take anything not served in jars or on china on-site to go in sustainable reusable packaging from Vytal, Germany’s first digital reuse system, which features high-quality, 100 percent leakproof food packaging for meals to go, with no deposit required. All other takeout packaging is 100% climate-neutral to produce.

Leftover food for To Good to Go

Reduced food waste
At Flavour Network, no foods end up in the trash. Forward-thinking lunch menu planning, up-to-date stocking of display windows, sales of leftover foods after closing time by Too Good To Go, and use of rescued organic vegetables from Querfeld are all ways we do our part to reduce food waste.  

Plant breeding by Infarm

Indoor Farming
Thanks to the innovative indoor farming concept from InFarm, herbs and lettuces ensure just the right flavor. The plants grown in this way use energy-conserving LED light, water, and a nutrient solution that is free of pesticides and chemicals and aligned to specific plants and their needs. 

Sitting area in the Flavour Network restaurant in Ismaning

Natural resources
Sustainability is also a top priority as far as furnishings are concerned. We source and process only wood products from local forestry operations. In addition, all our lighting is designed for energy-conserving LED systems. 

Local focus – from farm to table

In crafting our concepts as a contract caterer, we think in terms of the big picture, from farm to table. As part of this holistic approach, we enter into long-term alliances with partners in the local region. In cooperation with the Food Service Innovation Lab, the development team has created easily planned, seasonal culinary offerings based on locally grown superfoods like quinoa, chickpeas, and soybeans and on sustainable meat products. This promotes biodiversity and paves the way for other agricultural producers to move into the contract catering sector. 

Food concept – Less is more

Hot Cabins with snacks

Hot Cabins
To meet the rising demand for takeout solutions for hot foods, we are the first contract caterer to make use of “hot cabins” from Nuttal, which allow us to offer hot foods and snacks the whole time we are open.

Quinoa plant in the field

Domestic alternatives
Quinoa, chickpeas, and soybeans from Bavaria! Really? Yes, really! We work in tandem with local growers to incorporate these local heroes into our menu planning all year long. This is a perfect fit for the growing awareness of the importance of eating local, sustainable foods. 

Vytal reusable tableware in the Flavour Network

Foods for home as well
Dussmann is now also making an appearance in guests’ kitchens at home, thanks to sales of our convenience food line Busy Lizzie, authentic fresh Italian products like pesto, sauces, and pizza dough, and fresh vegetables to cook at home. 

Contact us

If you would like to learn more about the Flavour Network concept in Munich, please call or email us. We are happy to be of service to you.


Ein sympathisches Portraitfoto von Matthias Meyer
Matthias Meyer

Head of Food Services Region South