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Case Study - Digital Diner Communication

Staff Catering for PCK Raffinerie GmbH

The refinery, PCK Raffinerie GmbH in Schwedt/Oder, is one of the most important employers in the region. Our new software solution enables swift distribution of information to the PCK workforce of over 1 000 and diners from the 80 companies located at the industrial park Schwedt.


Location: Germany
Sector: Petrochemical
Contract Start: 1993
Services: staff restaurant for approx. 800 diners per day, mobile staff catering, conference service, special events
Dussmann employees: 42 employees

The Challenge

Each day, meals are prepared in the central kitchen for around 800 diners in the staff restaurant and for mobile service from specially equipped vehicles to work places across the huge production site.

Meal plans and other information from the Dussmann catering team must be distributed quickly and efficiently and regularly updated. Presentation over the various channels of communication must be standardized to enhance recognition.

Improvements and Innovation

Until recently, the time and effort necessary to keep displays and other communication channels up-to-date was significant. The processes involved include cost calculation of dishes in the goods management system, manual input for printed information and editing of the Dussmann catering portal and the client’s intranet.

In cooperation with a specialist, a direct interface to the goods management system was developed. The generation of meal plans according to restaurant-specific requirements is fast and uncomplicated and synchronized display is possible on a range of devices such as smart phones, desk tops and restaurant screens.

Meal information, such as price, nutritional details and allergens, is displayed as defined by the client. Creation and display of meal photos is possible in a few simple steps.

When there is a need for immediate correction of meal plans (typos, change of meal range), it is no longer necessary to amend several displays and systems. A single central adjustment of data is sufficient for the display on all end devices.

Benefits for the client

  • Information is always up-to-date. This applies to meal plans but also general information such as events, operational details and conference service.
  • Diners have fast, uncomplicated access to accurate information wherever they are, be it mobile via the app, in the workplace via the work desk top or via screens in the staff restaurant.
  • Due to the optimized information flow and the efficiency of data handling, the catering team has more time for personal contact with customers.

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Sympathic portrait of Bernd Freier, Head of Dussmann Food Services
Bernd Freier

Head of Food Services