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Case Study - Facility Management Optimization

Expansion of the cooperation with SICK AG

Sick AG, a leading manufacturer of sensors, was founded in 1946. Today, the company has over 50 subsidiaries and business activities around the world.

As the company’s long-standing catering provider, Dussmann was asked to take on further services and optimize facility management operations.


Locations: Waldkirch, Reute, Hochdorf (Germany)
Sector: Electronics
Contract start: 1997
Services: catering, house service, waste disposal, event management, gardening
Dussmann Service personnel: 32 employees

The challenge

Dussmann  has been providing catering services at three Sick AG sites since 1997. Other facility services were carried out by the company’s own personnel and differing service providers at the various locations.

The client contracted Dussmann to introduce a new, coordinated approach to facility management operations.

Improvements and innovations

Sick AG and Dussmann produced a concept for infrastructural facility services with a focus on waste disposal, recycling, gardening, roof gardening and event management.

In the first phase, the processes involved in waste disposal and recycling were described and timed. Two members of staff were given training and induction. In the second phase, the tasks of event management and gardening were analyzed and optimized and two further employees were trained and instructed.

At the plant in Waldkirch, a gardening course was carried out by Dussmann gardening specialists. Participants were instructed in the use of gardening tools and devices and trained in specialist tasks.

The specifications defined by Sick AG include environmental requirements; all machines and vehicles are equipped with environmentally compatible, low-noise motors.

Benefits for the client

  • Sick AG now has a single contact for all services substantially reducing administration time and effort.
  • Synergies are generated between services.
  • Dussmann staff are deployed 100 % in Sick AG operations and identify strongly with the client.
  • Facility management services are environmentally friendlier.

Dussmann Facility Management

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Dussmann is known for its versatile services in the field of cleaning. We also offer a wide range of facility management services - from various security services to the installation of a charging infrastructure for e-fleets. Together with our clients, we turn services into tailor-made solutions.