Smartphone for temperature measurement for HACCP documentation

Digital implementation of the Dussmann HACCP concept

Corporate catering for the Stade Technology Center

The Stade Technology Center is home to 28 workshops and 23 classrooms. The center trains talented young people in crafts and trades and prepares experienced specialists for the master craftsperson’s examination. Dussmann provides meals and snacks for instructors and apprentices here.


Site: Stade, Germany
Sector: Education
Contract start: 01.01.2019
Service Scope: staff restaurant, all meals in the guest house
Dussmann Service Employees: 10 employees


About 400 guests eat at the corporate restaurant each day. Program participants stay overnight at the guest house operated by the Chamber of Crafts and Trades, where Dussmann supplies them with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. This includes a wide range of foods for guests’ many different needs. 

Meals are prepared at the in-house kitchen. We employ a HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) concept to analyze hygiene risks and introduce corrective measures.  

Proper hygiene must be ensured during ongoing all-day operations. With normal or standard methods, this could be a costly, time-consuming process. That’s why Dussmann began using a digital HACCP system with the following goals: 

  • Automate and optimize HACCP checks 
  • Take corrective action swiftly
  • Prepare hygiene documentation digitally, in line with Dussmann’s high standards 

Improvement and innovation

The first step is to digitalize the logistics cycle. From receiving to storage and processing and beyond to consumption, important hygiene data are collected, analyzed, and logged at all points. All critical factors that could affect quality, nutritional value, and taste are monitored digitally. 
QR codes are also posted at critical control points. Temperature and hygiene data are collected by simply scanning the QR codes with a non-personalized, standard commercially available smartphone. In addition, sensors automatically take temperature measurements at defined intervals and transmit this information to the database via Bluetooth. This makes it possible to identify and eliminate irregularities in hot or cold chains right away. 

Benefits for customers

  • High hygiene standards; serving and production temperatures always stay within legal limits (with documentation). 
  • Customers receive regular hygiene reports that meet Dussmann’s high standards or can even get direct access to the database upon request. 
  • Efficient data handling means the catering team has more time to serve customers’ needs and wishes. 

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