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Fresh meals from innovative food vending machines

Rethinking the cafeteria experience: With flexibility, low investment costs, independence of location, and freshly prepared quality, the online cafeteria is revolutionizing employee dining with innovative food vending machines from combined with fresh and healthy food from Dussmann while also providing cafeteria solutions at flexible times and places and raising your profile as an employer. A company’s dining culture reflects its appreciation for employees, who are increasingly expressing their desire for healthy, tasty food with minimal climate impact and no food or packaging waste.  

Fresh food – regional, seasonal, 24/7

Our ingredients don’t travel the world. They’re from right next door. In its role as a food service expert, Dussmann combines central and local, seasonal purchasing for optimum freshness and flexibility. That’s why in every area where we do business, we identify as many local suppliers as possible and rely on a proven local supplier network based on longstanding partnerships in the areas of raw materials and equipment.

What you get: 

  • Balanced meals focusing on whole foods wherever possible 
  • 200+ high-quality healthy recipes
  • Fresh quality just like house-made 

Food vending machine benefits

  • 24/7 fresh food with freshly prepared quality
  • Employee satisfaction – enhance your appeal as an employer
  • Lower investment, operating, and personnel costs
  • No minimum sales – flexible monthly costs depending on demand
  • Easily preorder all foods and beverages using our digital app
  • Full service: advice, planning, stocking, and maintenance for hardware and software
  • Sustainable approach with almost zero food waste and zero packaging waste thanks to digital reuse system

How it works – fresh food vending machines

With the food vending machines from and fresh food preparation from Dussmann, we give employees individual, tasty, and sustainable dining options anytime, anywhere – and all at low cost.
Here’s how!

1. Place orders via app 

  • Flexible orders: order by 3 p.m. for the next day or decide on the spur of the moment at the machine
  • Choose from among ten tasty and healthy dishes 

2. Pick up from the machine

  • Food is prepared fresh daily at the cloud kitchen for maximum freshness and then stocked in the vending machines
  • Scan QR code by phone to get your food

3. Completion and enjoyment

  • Smart microwaves can tell from the QR code how long the food needs for the final prep stage

4. Return 

  • Scan QR code to return the reusable dishes at the machine

Food vending machine uses

An internal dining solution is a practical employee dining option, as employees don’t have to leave their work environment to find a meal. This saves up to 30 minutes of time while fostering social cohesion and promoting efficient use of working hours.

For small and medium-sized enterprises that do not operate brick-and-mortar cafeterias for space or investment reasons, but still want to offer added value for their employees

For companies with shift operations that want to offer fresh and balanced food 24/7 instead of just sandwiches

For businesses with multiple warehouses or outlets where employees do not have direct access to a central cafeteria due to long distances

For agencies or small enterprises where employees take breaks when work allows rather than according to cafeteria hours 

As a way to upgrade staff lounges or break rooms in addition to operating a cafeteria 

For companies that are finding most employees are in the office at midweek due to new work models, with fluctuating numbers of diners 

How sustainable can a cafeteria be?

The food vending machines from eurekantine are a sustainable alternative to operating a cafeteria, featuring fresh and enjoyable food, much of it Planet!Based. The digital preorder system ensures that production is limited to what will actually be eaten. This reduces food waste to nearly zero, lowers operating costs considerably, and reduces carbon emissions.

  • Near zero food waste
  • High proportion of Planet!Based foods
  • Near zero packaging waste
  • Too Good To Go & food bank
  • Local food sourcing
  • Electric delivery vehicles (in progress)
  • Paperless documentation
Garbage can with "claim" reduce food waste"

Contact us!

We’re happy to advise you so you can join the many companies who have already put this smart and sustainable cafeteria alternative to work for them and get started right away – all in line with your expectations and local conditions. Contact us now to request your initial consultation and quote!


Friendly Portrait of Gudrun Schaulinski, Head of Business Development
Gudrun Schaulinski

Head of Business Development