Service in the Alps with Cream on Top

22.07.2015 — Getting better is a pleasure at Rehazentrum Kitzbühel due to the first-class medical concept, the fantastic location, first class cuisine by Dussmann Service and innovative services. The cream on top is the panoramic view from the comfort oasis, Café Kitzblick. Our author reports on “the peak of enjoyment”.

“My husband has had some good luck with his bad luck” I think and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views across the mountains here on the sun terrace of Café Kitzblick Tirol. Following an accident, he had to have a knee operation and was subsequently allocated therapy at a rehabilitation center specialized in orthopedics and accident injuries. It offers first class therapy and a pleasant atmosphere. At the rehabilitation center Kitzbühel, every patient has the option of bringing along a guest who may stay for a day, a week or for the entire duration of rehabilitation and enjoy the 4**** comfort of the facility. They can even book individual therapy or other services. As his guest, I am staying here for a week and while he is in therapy, I explore the huge range of leisure options that Kitzbühel, located in the heart of the alps, has to offer and enjoy the first-class service.

At the Push of a Button 

After glancing at my watch, I drink the last drops of heavenly smoothie and go down to the reception desk of the rehabilitation center where the friendly receptionist is waiting for me. After the sumptuous breakfast buffet, I am very curious to hear what is for lunch. She explains competently how the new Dussmann Service electronic order terminal works; meals can be ordered up to three weeks in advance. It is the first system of its kind operated by Dussmann Austria. Slightly concerned I ask “And if I forget, I go hungry?” The kitchen chef, Andreas Geisler, who has just joined us smiles “No, it’s not the end of the world, that’s the practical thing about this system; we always have an overview of the status quo and if anyone has forgotten to order, we let them know.” Together with his team of 15, he caters to the rehabilitation center’s patients, staff and guests. The restaurant and Café Kitzblick on the third floor are both operated by Dussmann Service. Ordering is simple; I enter my selection at the touchscreen terminal and go to the restaurant where my husband is waiting for me. The waiter scans the guests’ chip cards which also serve as a key and prints a token. This he takes to the kitchen where the meals are prepared. It is a practical system and it facilitates a good overview of the various nutritional forms which are offered promoting individual, balanced, healthy eating. After lunch, my husband must attend the next therapy unit on his schedule and I prepare myself for a short walk. The route takes me through Kitzbühel, a town located 800 meters above sea level which has managed to integrate lifestyle and sport without losing any of its traditional charm. International designer boutiques alternate with historic Tirol guest houses. Soon I have left the historical town center behind me and am surrounded by hayfields and woods.

Fresh Food for Recovery 

Back in the restaurant of the rehabilitation center, I see Andreas Geisler again. The torrent of preparation tasks for the evening meal in the kitchen has ebbed to trickle and the final touches are being made to the dishes. “We prepare 270 meals from fresh ingredients every day and they are served straight from the stove onto the plate. First-class nutrition makes an important contribution to recovery” emphasizes Geisler. “We use exclusively ingredients with the AMA seal of quality, we source them locally and they are delivered fresh every week. Preparation methods carefully maintain the nutritional value of foods and oils are used sparingly”. Dinner is delicious – a combination of culinary expertize on the part of the Dussmann team and fresh mountain air. Afterwards, my husband and I go to Café Kitzblick for a glass of wine. The café’s slogan “oasis of well-being over the roofs of Kitzbühel” is spot on. The setting sun bathes the mountains in a dramatic light and underlines the holiday atmosphere. From the café terrace, we look down on the “Streif”, the legendary slope where every year ski champions of the world meet to set new records. In summer, visitors can enjoy 500 km of footpaths, an extensive network of bike paths and numerous tennis courts and golf courses. My program for tomorrow is already planned. After a mountain bike tour, I will treat myself to a massage. And one thing is sure: when my husband’s knee is properly healed, thanks to excellent medical care, we will return to Kitzbühel on holiday. And then we’ll be just visitors to the rehabilitation center and Café Kitzblick.

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